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Painted without makeup: A poem

So, you may be wondering, what’s with this title, Painted without makeup? It just came to me when I was dialoguing with God about this blog. I wrote a poem to try to express it better.

She walks in beauty, like the day
Mind full, heart full, so much to say–
Through art and love she’ll lead the way;
She’ll not shrink back in fear.

There is a song inside the heart
that’s needing to be shared; impart
it to me and I’ll do my part
to know it and be known.

Can one be known and not be shared?
Or is it all inside my head?
Be drunk on love, but not impaired
To carry culture’s banner.

What colors high, what love arrayed!
Of each new hue and certain shade
She brings new life by heaven’s aid,
Painted without make-up.

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