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Ephie and the Fruit

In October there were lemons; November brought peaches, and December, pears. She didn’t recognize all the fruit that the trees brought forth, but the smells—oh, the smells! The scents carried her to a different place, deep inside herself. She had been standing there for 12 months but it felt like only a moment. The river flowed strongly but its strength did not diminish its gentleness. Ephie saw children dipping their toes in the water, their mothers washing the grass stains from their white linen shirts a little upstream. They looked happy just being themselves, being together. And then Ephie felt something deep in her belly. It wasn’t the pang of loneliness she was accustomed to when she saw families together; this was different. It was sweeter.

“That’s strange,” Ephie said aloud. She reached up over her head to grab a grapefruit-sized purple fruit dangling above her.

A voice in the air called, “Ephie.”

When she looked around she saw no one. The sun was setting upstream and it cast its golden glow on the surrounding landscape. After a whole year under a single tree, it felt strange to stretch her legs, but the curious girl pressed through the sleepy tingle and started toward the horizon to find out who called her name. There was a group of unfamiliar people just ahead and she was curious if they knew her or her angel companion, Lashta. Speaking of Lashta, she couldn’t remember the last time she had seen him. He usually showed up in circumstances like these. Or at least he had the last few times.

Ephie walked for quite a while but her walking brought her no closer to the people ahead. “They must be walking towards the horizon, too,” she thought. And then she also realized that instead of it getting darker and darker, as it usually does in our world as the sun sets over the horizon as night falls, it was getting a little brighter. This change was barely perceptible at first, but the light was growing stronger.

Ephie turned back to look at the tree she had left, but before she could pick it out from among the line of green landscape behind her, her ears heard that voice again. “Ephie, don’t look back; keep coming.”

She swung around to catch the voice’s owner, but instead a stump in the ground caught her and she fell to the ground. She must have hit her head hard because when her eyes opened again, she wasn’t by the river anymore. It took her a few minutes to realize that she was tucked in her bed. And it hadn’t been twelve months of fruit seasons—more like twelve hours since she crawled into bed the night before. It was morning. The birds were singing outside her flat, and at her side she had a purple piece of fruit lying beside her right hand.



Lily of the Valley

I wrote this song a few years ago and recorded it, but here it is now for sharing purposes. :o) If the volume is too low, on iTunes you can go to the song info and go to the ‘options’ tab to adjust it.

Lily of the Valley (click here to download the song)

Lily of the Valley
words and music by Amanda Beck

There is nothing I want more
Than to be in your embrace
There is nothing I want more than to know you

So won’t you take me to the place that you dwell?
I want to know you in the fullness of your love
Won’t you hide me in the shadow of your wings
And let me see your face, let me see your face?

I am the lily of the valley,
But this lily’s among thorns
And the sins of this world keep me bleeding
And all I have to offer you is this little willing heart
I wanna take you at your word and let you love me
Let you love me

I am the lily of the valley
And you’ve pledged yourself to me