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The Humility of Jesus in His Second Coming

Willing to wait for the full blossom of love’s bloom
in the darkest dark the world has ever known.
Trusting the Father that the beauty of God
will draw His Bride to Himself,
that His love will feed her and grow her love—
a free-will offering—
into a faith uncompromising.
And when the time to war
against the antichrist comes,
He and she together will go forth
in the justice and the righteousness of the Father,
the Sermon on the Mount their weapon
will utterly destroy the enemy.

The cry for Jesus to come back is not a scramble for self-preservation or protection; indeed, it is the laying down of my life to see the Bridegroom come back and as King claim the throne of earth that is by birthright His.

As we go along with the knowledge and hope that Jesus has promised to return, we walk in humility and love, praying that all will come to repentance before He comes back to judge the earth.

In the eyes of the world, it is a march of weakness—seeking, praying for, orienting our lives toward the arrival of this King, making ourselves ready—not with extra guns, ammunition, or canned goods and bottled water—but with acts of love, mercy, and obedience.

The march to the cross was also weakness to the world. And still, Jesus said, “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth [on the cross], will draw all peoples to Myself” (John 12:32 NKJV).

The cry for Jesus to come back in our generation is certainly a cry for judgment, that the justice of God will crush the injustice that reigns in this world. But it is a cry for justice intermingled and inseparable from a cry of love—love foremost for Jesus the God-Man, anointed by God to rule the world of men as a Man; and a love pouring over from His heart into ours, a burning love for this created world and every single human who lives here.

In weakness and humility, He has won our hearts, drawing us with His unfailing love and forgiveness, capturing us with His beauty. We are willing prisoners to the most beautiful Man alive! Oh, the workings of His heart! the affection He has for us! the genius of His creation and His plan to win us back and take victory over the devil!

He makes all things new, from the inside out. Heaven is not Our (His and our) final home—Earth is! We can know this precisely because He is in the work of RESTORATION and RENEWAL, with all that He is!

At the Second Coming, His victory over Satan will be very real—with real blood shed, real people dying, and real kingdoms conquered.

But it will be in the perfect love and right-ness and humility that only Jesus the Anointed One can bring.

As we wait for His return, we watch, we pray, we love, we rescue, and we choose life. We do justly and love mercy as we walk humbly with Him, the Holy Spirit our Teacher and Guide and Power within (and without!).

As the darkness gets darker, the light will get brighter.

The tribulation, the 7 years foretold by the prophets of the darkest darkness before Jesus returns, will be the Church’s most glorious hour. She will stand by her Bridegroom no matter what comes, choosing His name in the utter darkness. This Bride, purified in the hardest time in history, choosing Jesus with her whole will and laying down her life for Him, will only then be ready for marriage with the Lamb, an equally-yoked partner.

This is all done by leaning on her Beloved in the time of trial—it is His strength and endurance and humility working in her by the power of the Holy Spirit, and it is the ‘yes’ in her heart that opens the door and keeps it open for constant communion with Jesus through the darkest hours.

And so, when the King does come as the Judge to tread the grapes of wrath, we will know Him because we have walked with Him. Many will be offended by His hunger for justice because they have not looked into His eyes of blazing fire, zealous for life and love, zealous to renew and restore the earth for His creation.

He’s not a tame Lion.

Please come back later this week for a post on why I am leery of a theology that proclaims a pre-Tribulation rapture.

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