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The things of June 11: Your Input Needed

It’s June 11, which means several things this year.

It means that it’s my birthday as well as my dad’s. He’s 63 and I’m 31. Happy birthday, Dad.

It means that we have known for a day that our third baby is a girl. Big sister Lily is very excited, while big brother Brennan was excited to get a pink cake pop out of the deal.

It means that my friend Mary K. and I are about 5 weeks out from pitching our book to several publishers at a writer’s conference. That is, I will be at my sister’s wedding while Mary K. does all the hard work.

Our book is currently titled Staying in Love with God: A Guide for Lovers. We have received some feedback that the part about lovers is confusing (is it a book for couples?). We were going for lovers of God, but maybe that can come across in a different way.

We want to write about how creating a personal liturgy (a rhythm of life, not necessarily a schedule) cultivates the seeds of love that God has sown, allowing our hearts to stay in love with God even in a busy season and when a relationship with God doesn’t look like it used to (in youth group or college, when things were much more intense spiritually). Can we really be as in love with God as we were back when we had more energy and less distraction? (You can read the answer in the book!)

Creating a personal liturgy helps us to create space in our life to be intentional, to be mindful of the small moments and the stability that repetition can bring. We stay in love with God by giving space in three ways–for God to be Himself (space to stay), for me to be myself (space to seek, to create, and to remember) and for others to be themselves (space to interrupt). This pattern gives us a precious simplicity that is relationship-focused and ultimately, a way to bring the kingdom of God out of the abstract and into our intensely personal flesh-and-blood reality.

So, for your help. Can you answer a few questions in the comments? You can comment on Facebook or through WordPress, or feel free to email me at amanda dot marie dot beck at gmail dot com.

1. Does the title “Staying in Love with God” appeal to you?

2. Thoughts about the possible subtitles below?
“Creating a rhythm of life that connects you to God”
“How creating a personal liturgy keeps our hearts on fire”

3. Other suggestions for title or subtitle?

Thanks for your help! Pray for us as we prepare for the pitch to the publishers!


  1. egwolfephd says:

    Adding to my other suggestions:
    – There’s an old hymn called “Take Time to Be Holy” that might have a key phrase that would pop out at you as a potential title.
    – Or what about something like “Keeping a Mary Heart in a Martha World”? That would not only show that you’re writing for ladies but also tie you in with an olllld tradition of guides for contemplatives like The Cloud of Unknowing. (Come to that, there might be something in Ancrene Wisse that would be useful, or in Richard Rolle or Walter Hilton.)
    – Working “personal liturgy” or something about making space for God into the title or subtitle is a good idea, since that gives the reader a more immediate sense of what the book’s about. I have to agree that “A Guide for Lovers” does give one the impression that it’s a book for couples.
    – Stained glass for the cover art? :D

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