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Planned Parenthood, it’s time to change your definition of courage

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You’ve probably seen something about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts on your Facebook feed today. There is so much to say and so little at the same time. Some are questioning the validity of the video, which is purportedly of Dr. Deborah Nucatola, the Senior Director of Medical Services for Planned Parenthood Federation for America.

Planned Parenthood has responded to the allegations brought forth by this video. Gawker responds to the accusations laid against Planned Parenthood today, saying that there is no money unethically changing hands in regards to fetal tissue donation. Even if the accusations of selling fetal remains is unsubstantiated, the attitude of both the Planned Parenthood response and the Gawker article reveals the inhumanity that is engrained in the abortion lobby and industry:

“In reality, the donation of fetal tissue is no different than any other situation in which a patient might donate tissue to scientific research. No money changes hands, and the donation could help pave the way to any number of medical breakthroughs” (Gawker article).

Let’s be clear: there is a huge difference for someone–of their own free will–to donate their own remains for science or for the preservation of another’s life and donation of the body of a baby human dismembered in the womb.

Planned Parenthood’s president Gloria Feldt, quoted in the Gawker article, said this in an interview several years ago, concerning the ethics and practice of using fetal remains for research:

“Planned Parenthood supports research using fetal tissue in accordance with legal and ethical guidelines and are deeply concerned about the attempt by some to profit from the humanitarian contributions of courageous women.”

There are two major issues in Feldt’s statement: that fetal remains from abortions are being used for research, and that abortion is portrayed as something courageous.

There is so much to be said today on the first issue, but while everyone else is debating the ethics of that, I am choosing to focus on the second issue tonight: the idea that abortion is courageous.

I know that many women who consider and opt for abortion have a huge struggle. It is a HUGE deal, not a decision to be entertained lightly. Abortion is not a light subject. Anyone who tells you so is either lying or deceived.

Women faced with unexpected pregnancies are often scared. We need to tell them to have courage, yes–but it is not courageous to have an abortion. It is a quick medical procedure with longterm emotional and possible health consequences.

Planned Parenthood, you have to change your definition of courage.

It is courageous to find out you’re pregnant and carry your baby to term.

It is courageous to be a home for this little one inside you for 9 months and to care for it, even when it is scary.

It is courageous to give birth to your baby.

It is courageous to raise your baby in this crazy world,

and it is just as courageous to give your baby to another family through adoption when you are unable to care for it.

There is help for you when you face an unexpected pregnancy. Consider contacting Care-Net (, a network of pregnancy centers all over the US that are staffed by caring people whose full-time job it is to get help for women in your situation.

And know that you’re not alone.


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