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Hello Mornings Challenge

Ladies from HMC group 74 and others,


So, I had been doing another Bible study that fizzled and I started Run To Him during week 5, which was on Psalm 40. Every time I read it, I couldn’t help but remember the first song I ever wrote. It was 1996 and I was in Vacation Bible School (that was 6th grade for me). They gave us Verse Wallets, and one of the verses was Psalm 40:8 (“I desire to do Your will, O God; Your law is within my heart”). I knew that it was easier to learn things to music and I composed a little tune to memorize it. You can hear the original song here. :o) So, that little ditty has been floating around in my head a lot. On Friday, I was out running errands listening to Psalm 40 on my iPod when it hit me–I could do the same for these memory verses in the Run To Him study. And maybe others of you might like to hear them? It’s also fitting that Psalm 40:3 says, “He has put a new song in my mouth–Praise to our God; Many will see it and fear, and will trust in the LORD.”

I hope that these can encourage you to hide the Word in your heart…they’re nothing fancy and just recorded on my computer (yay Garage Band!). I chose to use the NIV for the verses because it’s more accessible, even though I usually read from the NKJV. And I’ve also taken some liberties with the words a few times (freestyling…it just happens sometimes). Anyway, grace to you on the journey, and I know that God will use the seeds sown these 13 weeks to reap a great harvest of righteousness!

I’ve only done last week’s and this week’s…and I’m going to work on the others from this point on, but I’m 35 weeks pregnant so we’ll see how many actually get finished!

The verses that are hyperlinked have songs; the others I am working on. To save to your computer (for play on iTunes), right click and select “Download Linked File” or something to that effect. :o)

Week 1: Psalm 1:1-2

Week 2: Psalm 4:3

Week 3: Psalm 27:1

Week 4: Psalm 34:8

Week 5: Psalm 40:11

Week 6: Psalm 51:12 

Week 7: Psalm 63:1

Week 8: Psalm 77:14 (with a little bit of Isaiah 64:4 mixed in)

Week 9: Psalm 84:3-4

Week 10: Psalm 103 (Scripture read to “The Princess Dreams” by Zachary Beck )

Week 11: Psalm 119:133

Week 12: Psalm 139:17-18

Week 13: Psalm 148:13


  1. marcia martinezt says:

    I really enjoyed listening to your sweet music and voice associated with the scripture. Loved it!

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