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When you’re stranded…long time no read

Dear readers,
Nothing like getting stuck in Groesbeck, Texas, only 80 miles from your starting point when your moving truck breaks down and foils your leisurely cross-country move plans.
So I am at the 3rd nicest of the 3 hotels in Groesbeck, with my dog in his kennel at my feet, waiting for my husband and our dear friend Jarrod to return with good news about our truck.
~In a small town, there is still nothing good on tv.
~It is worth it to rent a hotel room for $75 just for the a/c.
~Even though there is apparently great shopping in Groesbeck antiques district, I have no desire whatsoever to leave the a/c I paid $75 for.
~Collapsable doggie kennels are golden for road trips. Dog out in the car, in inside the hotel with no great sacrifice of space.
~DQ, Pizza Hut and Wing Street as the food I’ve eaten today means that I have heartburn. Good thing I have delicious Smoothie Berry Tums. A pregnant woman’s bff.
I am going to post an encouraging song for myself today, and I hope you are encouraged by it as well.

It’s You I Like, by Mr. Rogers. My take.